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Photo Tour to Mount Takao

A big thank you to Maction Planet for continuing to choose Yayaland Studio for their photo tours. This time, we had a full-day photo tour and hiking excursion to Mount Takao with Hannah and Albert, a couple from Germany on their two-week honeymoon in Tokyo.

The tour led by Mac, founder of Maction Planet. As usual, Mac made a perfect plan to make sure our guests are having the best possible time. He led us up via Hiking Trail Number 1 and came down via the Inariyama Trail. This allowed maximum exposure to different terrain and photo opportunities.

(click to see big photo)

Hannah and Albert are great students. They’re passionate about taking photos and what surprised me was how quickly they improved their skills. I was impressed when they showed me their photos before we end the tour.

After hiking and photographing, Mac took us to an onsen to relax and an unique local ramen place for dinner.

Yesterday Mac shared this very lovely message and some photos from Hannah and Albert with me:

“Please thank Yayu so much from us. We could feel ourselves improving during the day thanks to her patient and practical teaching. And thanks to you too Mac – who would have thought that the world’s most visited mountain would have a secret side?! Thank you for introducing it to us. Here are some photos for you to use on your blog. We are very proud of them and never imagined at the start of the day that we would be able to take photos as good as this.”

(The photos bellow were taken by Hannah & Albert. As you can see they are awesome!)

Wishing my favorite students Hannah & Albert lots of love in the journey ahead! And again, thank you to Maction Planet for choosing Yayaland Studio! Look forward to working with you again soon!

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