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Light Painting with Fireworks

Living in Japan means you have so many chances to photograph fireworks. Especially in summer, there's fireworks show or festival every weekend everywhere. Probably can not count them all!

I am not a summer person. Summer means hot weather, sweaty, sun burn, mosquitoes to me. But firework always make me exciting, it's something can help me survive from the "horrible" season.

I usually use a tripod to photograph fireworks. But this time I decided to try a fun way, create artistic light painting with fireworks without tripod. I have to say I really enjoyed the shooting, it's so much fun when you use your camera like a painting brush. And the shots coming out quite nice! Don't you think? ;)

ISO: 100

Aperture: f8

Shutter-speed: BULB

Manual Focus

Stabilizer: OFF

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